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DBE Surveying was founded in 2012 from a spirit of quality, service, communication, and customer satisfaction. With years of experience, owner Aaron Michalenko, has worked with engineering firms, real estate and title companies, government agencies, and architects, on nearly every project type from public to private.

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DBE specializes in Land Surveying, Terrestrial LiDAR Mapping, Aerial  Mapping, Drone 3D Mapping and Photography, and CAD Services, making DBE  Surveying a firm that is on the forefront of current technologies and  surveying techniques. 

Preparing  for the unknown is one of the greatest challenges an owner faces when  embarking on a new project. 

To help overcome that, we offer “3D laser scanning,” where terrestrial LiDAR uses light to create dense point clouds representing existing features.  Utilizing a Leica C10 scanner, our expertise to manage the robust data  sets associated with scanned point clouds is proven. 

We utilize multiple software platforms to analyze, process, and reduce  point cloud data, including Revit, Recap, and Cyclone. High-definition  laser scanning makes building in complex environments possible by  providing the following benefits:  

  • Improves data collection speed, accuracy, and level of details of existing conditions information.  
  • Saves money by reducing time in the field, and eliminating repeated site visits and rework.  
  • Easily measures items located in congested and hard to access areas with minimal impacts.  
  • Immediate clash detection mitigates risk and provides real-time alerts to potential problems. 

  1. Collected data is easily integrated with a variety of applications,  including Revit, to create interactive 3D models, 2D drawings and  renderings, and GIS databases.

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