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Types of Surveys

As-built Survey


 A  survey that documents the location of recently constructed elements in a  construction project. As-built surveys are done for record, completion  evaluation and payment purposes. An as-built survey is also known as a  'works as executed survey'.   

Cadastral or Boundary Survey


A  survey that establishes or re-establishes boundaries of a parcel using a  legal description. It involves the setting or restoration of monuments  or markers at the corners or along the lines of the parcel. These take  the form of iron rods, pipes, or concrete monuments in the ground, or  nails set in concrete or asphalt.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey


A  standard proposed by the American Land Title Association and the  American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. It incorporates elements of  the boundary survey, mortgage survey, and topographic survey.    

Mortgage Survey


A mortgage survey or physical survey is a simple survey that delineates land boundaries and building locations. It checks for encroachment, building setback restrictions and shows nearby flood zones. In many places a mortgage survey is a precondition for a mortgage loan.  

Measured Survey


A building survey to produce plans of the building. such a survey may be conducted before renovation works, for commercial purpose, or at end of the construction process.   

Other Surveys


We also offer other types of surveys for specific purposes such as mining, hydrographic, leveling, LOMA, deformation and our specialty - PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTROL -  that creates reference marks visible from the air to allow aerial photographs to be rectified or 3D topographical renderings to find specific elements in the landscape. 

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